Sling TV Is Now an Official Google Fiber Streaming Partner

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Google Fiber TV is now an official streaming partner for Sling TV. The partnership will allow users to watch their favorite shows and sports on the go.

Google Fiber announced a new partnership with Sling TV to offer its pay-TV service on Google’s broadband network. Users of the streaming service will be able to watch live sports, news and entertainment content without having to worry about data caps or overages when they’re watching it in their homes through Google Fiber.

Customers with Google Fiber may now sign up for Sling TV. This is the second live TV streaming provider to be approved as a’streaming partner’ by Google Fiber, giving consumers even another choice.


Customers of Google Fiber used to be able to purchase their own linear TV bundle. However, as of February of this year, that option was no longer available to new users. Google noted at the time that strong internet equaled good TV and that it was shifting its streaming strategy. In essence, it was discontinuing its linear service in favor of allowing consumers to package a live TV streaming service with their internet.

As one would guess, Google mainly intended that Fiber consumers would sign up for YouTube TV, its own live TV streaming service. Despite this, the February statement confirmed that Fiber subscribers may use fuboTV instead of YouTube TV. It was a decision, but it was the only one.


Sling TV has been formally listed as a Google Fiber streaming partner, according to a blog post published today by Google. Sling TV’s basic plan is much less expensive than YouTube TV and fuboTV, so this is likely to be a welcome inclusion.

Customers with Fiber have access to a variety of live TV streaming options.

Customers with Google Fiber may also choose Philo in addition to YouTube TV, fuboTV, and now Sling TV. Philo is even less expensive than Sling TV, at only $20 per month, despite having a smaller channel list. Sling TV also offers additional customization possibilities for individuals who want more than the basic subscription offers.

FuboTV and YouTube TV have substantially more expertise than the two lower-cost streaming solutions. Although fuboTV’s Standard plan is still available for $59.99 per month, the company is now urging prospective new users to upgrade to the Family plan, which includes more simultaneous streams and cloud DVR hours. The fubo Family package, on the other hand, costs precisely the same as Google’s own YouTube TV at $64.99 per month.

Regardless of whether you choose the cheaper or more expensive streaming alternatives, they are all much less expensive than the $105 per month that Google was previously charging new Fiber TV users.

Of course, there are no additional savings for consumers who bundle a live TV streaming service with their Google Fiber internet since the pricing are the same as what these providers charge alone. Additionally, there is no advantage to combined billing since YouTube TV, fuboTV, Philo, and Sling TV will continue to charge the user individually.


Google Fiber is the source of this information.

Sling TV is now an official Google Fiber streaming partner. This partnership will allow users to watch live television on their computer, phone, or tablet without using a cable subscription. Reference: google fiber peacock.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does sling work with Google TV?

A: Yes. You should be able to use it with all versions, so long as the phone is unlocked and not in Airplane mode.

Is Sling TV an Internet provider?

A: Sling TV is not an internet provider. They do, however, offer a wide selection of cable packages that are available to watch online through your computer or mobile device.

Does Google have a live TV streaming service?

A: Google does not have a live TV streaming service, but they do offer a Live TV package that includes over 160 channels. It costs $35 per month and is also available for purchase as an annual subscription.

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