How to Add and Play Crossy Road on Google TV [Two Ways]


Crossy Road is a popular recent game that has appeared on the Google Play store. However, some users are reporting they cannot play it on their televisions, despite being able to install and play games in other apps such as Netflix or YouTube. This article will explain how you can add Crossy Road to your television for easier access.

The “crossy road – play” is a game that can be played on Google TV. The game is available for free on the Google Play Store. There are two ways to add and play the game, either by downloading it from the Play Store or by installing it from the APK file.

Crossy Road is a popular game app developed by Hipster Whale, an Australian startup. It is a completely free game in which the player will experience several action scenes. In this game, players must unlock over 90 characters, including cats, robots, and penguins. Crossy Road combines all of the best features of viral graphics games with new and exciting gameplay. This post will tell you all you need to know about obtaining Crossy Road on Google TV.

Crossy Road on Google TV

Install and play Crossy Road on Google TV to join over 200 million other gamers around the world. Some of the significant aspects of this intriguing game include the fact that it is entirely free, enjoyable to play, has a large number of retro-styled and pop art-inspired characters, the ability to hop indefinitely, and many other intriguing gaming activities. Take a look at our step-by-step guide to downloading and playing Crossy Road on Google TV.

Crossy Road on Google TV: How to Get It

1. Turn on your Google TV and check for a steady Wi-Fi connection.

2. Next, go to the Apps tab.

Crossy Road on Google TV

3. Tap the Search button and put Crossy Road into the search box.

Crossy Road on Google TV

4. From the search results, choose the Crossy Road app.

5. Select the Install option.

Crossy Road on Google TV

That is all there is to it. You may now start playing this game on your Google TV by just opening it.

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Crossy Road on Google TV with Downloader is an alternative method.

1. From the home screen, go to Search for Apps and press the search box.

2. Tap the Install button after selecting the Downloader program from the search results.


3. To enable developer mode, go to Settings > About and click Android TV OS build 7 times.


4. Select Apps from the Settings menu. Select Unknown Sources from the Security & Restricting drop-down menu.

5. Finally, activate the Downloader toggle bar.

Allow Downloader

6. Return to the applications area and launch the Downloader application.

7. To download the apk file, type in the URL of the Crossy Road game apk in the Search Term box.

Enter Apk URL

8. Then, in the menu pop-up, open the downloaded apk file and click the Install option.

That is all there is to it. When the Crossy Road installation is complete, open the Crossy Road app on your Google TV and play it.

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Crossy Road on Google TV: How to Play

1. On your Google TV, open the Crossy app.

2. To begin playing, tap the Crossy Road symbol.

3. The goal of the game is to cross the street without being struck by oncoming traffic. Keep it in mind as you go on. The Google TV remote’s control buttons are listed in the table below.

to go forward Activate the up arrow button.
To turn left Using the left arrow button, move the cursor to the left.
To make the proper decision Using the right arrow button, move the cursor to the right.
to descend Using the down arrow button, move the cursor down.

Crossy Road on Google TV

4. Every step you go ahead will earn you points.

5. If you see a red light on the railway track, you should wait until the train has passed.

6. Don’t stay in the same spot for very long since eagles may appear and try to capture you.

7. If you see a blue laser light, you should stop and wait for police to cross your path.

8. When you unlock new characters, you’ll gain points.

To sum it up

That is all there is to it. You can easily acquire this wonderful game on your Google TV and play it with more ease by following the simple and smooth procedure. I hope you found this essay useful. Please post any questions or concerns you have about the Crossy Road app or the installation procedure in the comments area. You should tell your friends about this guide. Crossy Road is a fun game to play on Google TV.

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Crossy Road is a popular game that has been on the market for a while. It’s not available on Google TV, but it can be played on other devices. This article will show you two different ways to add and play Crossy Road on your Google TV. Reference: crossy road gameplay.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get multiplayer on Crossy Road Android TV?

A: The game does not have a multiplayer option.

How do you get 2 players on Crossy Road?

A: There are a few ways, but the main way is to have 2 controllers and play on your own. You can also get another friend to join in by using their code or simply finding someone else who has an account.

Can you play Crossy Road on Google?

A: No, Google does not allow the use of their APIs to be used in third party apps.

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