Mic works on Discord but not in game [Fortnite, Overwatch, etc]

There are many issues with Discord, the most notable being that for some users it is not working on a game. The solution to this issue is complicated because of how open-source and flexible Discord’s software design is. Ultimately, we’re looking at cutting out an entire layer of middleware from our platform and onto Epic Games’ servers to run their games without any glitches or performance dips due to internet connection failures or ISP restrictions

BigFoot is the name of a game that you may have heard of. It’s an online multiplayer game where players can play as either humans or as “bigfoots”. The game has been out for a while and it’s not uncommon to find people playing on Discord. However, there are some games like Fortnite, Overwatch, etc that don’t support Discord chat. This means that when you try to use your mic in these games, nothing happens.


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  • You won’t be able to talk with your buddies while playing if your mic works in Discord but not in-game.
  • Try attaching your USB microphone to a different USB port on your PC as a temporary fix.
  • If your mic works in Discord but not in-game, resetting the Discord voice settings can be a good option.
  • We propose upgrading these items since this problem might be caused by outdated drivers.



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Discord is a popular Audio over Internet Protocol program that allows users to communicate through text, video, and voice. However, numerous people have lately claimed that the mic works on Discord but not in-game.

This bug seems to have impacted almost all titles, including PUBG, Fortnite, CS:GO, Overwatch, Rainbow Six Siege, H1Z1, and others.

We realize how inconvenient this is, particularly if you’re accustomed to conversing with your friends while playing your favorite games. Fortunately, we’ve developed a list of ways that will assist you in quickly resolving this problem.

Why does my microphone function in Discord but not in the game?

Because it is critical to understand the causes of this condition, you should read the following information.

This issue usually arises when the voice input setup in the affected game is incorrect. However, in certain cases, the issue is caused by incompatible hardware and other factors.

If your mic works in Discord but not in-game, double-check the remedies we’ve provided.

How can I make my microphone function in Discord but not in game?

1. Switch the port.

Use a separate USB port on your PC if you’re using a USB microphone. Unplug your microphone and plug it into any other available USB port. Restart the machine and see if anything has changed.

If you’re utilizing the audio jack, this is also true. Remove the plug from the front audio jack and connect it to the rear audio port to see if there are any benefits.

2. Use the sound troubleshooter to figure out what’s wrong.

  1. To enter Windows Settings, use the following keyboard shortcut: I + Windows
  2. Select Update & Security from the drop-down menu.1638526950_148_Error-performing-inpage-operation-Try-these-solutions
  3. From the left pane, choose the Troubleshoot tab.1639799530_976_Mic-works-on-Discord-but-not-in-game-Fortnite-Overwatch
  4. Scroll down to Additional troubleshooters in the right window pane, then click it.1639799530_340_Mic-works-on-Discord-but-not-in-game-Fortnite-Overwatch
  5. Then choose Run the Troubleshooter from the Playing Audio menu.1639799531_257_Mic-works-on-Discord-but-not-in-game-Fortnite-Overwatch
  6. Select the impacted audio device after the scan and then click Next.
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions and make any suggested changes.

Close the troubleshooter and restart your computer after the repairs have been implemented. Relaunch the game after the restart to see whether any changes have occurred.

3. In Discord, reset the voice settings.

  1. Use the Windows + S keyboard shortcut to get started.
  2. Open the first result after typing Discord.How-to-make-Discord-not-show-what-game-youre-playing
  3. Go to the Settings menu (marked as a gear in the bottom of the page).1639659277_657_How-to-make-Discord-not-show-what-game-youre-playing
  4. Open the Voice & Video tab in the User Settings box.1639661847_501_No-Route-Error-on-Discord-RTC-connecting
  5. Reset Voice Settings may be found at the bottom of the page.1639720062_529_Discord-Push-to-Talk-is-not-working-in-game-Full-Fix
  6. When asked, click Okay to confirm the action.
  7. You may need to modify Discord voice settings, including the Push to Talk function, after the reset.

4. In the Control Panel, set up the recording device.

  1. Press the Windows key once again, type Control Panel, and then open it.1639660353_369_Discord-game-detection-not-working-Completely-Fixed
  2. Select Hardware and Sound from the Control Panel.1639799535_256_Mic-works-on-Discord-but-not-in-game-Fortnite-Overwatch
  3. Then choose Sound from the drop-down menu. The Sound Properties window will open as a result of this.1639799535_105_Mic-works-on-Discord-but-not-in-game-Fortnite-Overwatch
  4. Switch to the Recording tab. Make sure your microphone is connected to your computer.1639799536_787_Mic-works-on-Discord-but-not-in-game-Fortnite-Overwatch
  5. Examine your default input device. Default Communications Device will be the default input device.
  6. Right-click on your input device (Mic) and choose Set as Default Communications Device to alter the default communications device.
  7. To save the changes, click Apply and OK.

When you’ve finished configuring your input device, start the game in question and see whether the mic works in Discord but not in Overwatch.

Games like PUBG make advantage of your computer’s default connectivity device. Your game will not detect a different input device if you use it with Discord.

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The problem may be resolved by ensuring that the correct input device is specified as the default communication device in Windows 10.

5. Install the latest audio device drivers

  1. To access Device Manager, press the Windows key, enter Device Manager, and then press Enter.Discord-Push-to-Talk-is-not-working-in-game-Full-Fix
  2. Expand the Audio inputs and outputs section, then right-click on your microphone and choose Update driver from the context menu.1639799537_477_Mic-works-on-Discord-but-not-in-game-Fortnite-Overwatch
  3. Select the option to search for drivers automatically.1639720059_621_Discord-Push-to-Talk-is-not-working-in-game-Full-Fix
  4. You’ll be alerted if there are any available drivers to update.

Mic works on Discord but not in Fortnite due to incompatible or outdated audio device drivers. It’s simple to repair by just upgrading your audio driver.

While you may manually update your audio driver, automatic driver update programs can help you save time. If you are not comfortable upgrading system drivers manually, you should use a driver update application.

6. Remove the input device and reinstall it.

  1. To access Device Manager, press the Windows key, enter Device Manager, and then press Enter.Discord-Push-to-Talk-is-not-working-in-game-Full-Fix
  2. Expand the Audio inputs and outputs section, then right-click and choose Uninstall Device on your microphone device.1639799538_902_Mic-works-on-Discord-but-not-in-game-Fortnite-Overwatch
  3. Confirm your operation by clicking Uninstall once again.
  4. Close Device Manager after the program has been removed.
  5. Restart your computer after making sure your audio input device is connected.
  6. Windows will recognize the input device and reinstall the input device device drivers after restarting.

If the audio input device is not immediately reinstalled, use Device Manager to check for hardware changes.

  1. To access Device Manager, press the Windows key, enter Device Manager, and then click the first result.Discord-Push-to-Talk-is-not-working-in-game-Full-Fix
  2. Choose Scan for Hardware Changes from the Action menu.1639799539_739_Mic-works-on-Discord-but-not-in-game-Fortnite-Overwatch
  3. Windows will look for missing devices and restore any drivers that are needed.

You may also need to repeat the procedures in method 2 above to reconfigure and set your input device as default.

Relaunch Discord when you’ve finished configuring it. Open the game in question and see whether the microphone works in Discord but not in CS Go.

What additional mic issues can I run into in Discord?

Of course, the problem we’ve outlined isn’t the only one that may arise on Discord. If you want to be prepared for potential Discord microphone issues, we recommend reading the following:

  • Discord mic cutting out – This seems to be a problem that may occur in both a private call and a public voice channel on this app. Check out some handy remedies if your Discord audio keeps cutting off.
  • Discord mic not functioning on Windows 10 – Despite the fact that the Discord development team is constantly on the lookout for any difficulties that may arise, some users have complained that Discord mic is not working at all on Windows 10. If this occurs to you, do not hesitate to seek advice on how to resolve the situation.

Also, bear in mind that the Corsair Void Pro mic does not always function with Discord. If you’re using this headset and have the same problem, see what you can do to fix it.

If your mic works in Discord but not in-game, these are the best options to try. At least one of these should be able to help you with your issue.

If nothing else works, you may always register a help request on Discord’s official support website.

Please utilize the comment area below if you have any more queries.

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The “back 4 blood mic not working” is a problem that many gamers face. The microphone does not work on the game, but it works in Discord.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my mic not work when I play fortnite?

A: There are two possible reasons for this. One, you may not have headphones plugged in or your microphone is broken. Two, if the mic has sufficiently been muted by windows then it wont automatically unmute itself when you start playing fortnite

Why is overwatch mic not working?

A: Playstation has blocked the use of external mics and headsets. Usually this is because they do not want users to be able to record game audio and share it with their friends on YouTube, or stream their games online. However, most people that own a PSVR headset already have an embedded microphone in them.

How do I fix my mic not working in games?

A: To fix the mic not working in your game you will need to go into settings and make sure that you have selected Allow Microphone for whatever games are being played. For Fortnite, this would be under Settings>Gameplay>Voice Chat.

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