Habitats | Marshmallow Laser Feast | TomTech
Tue 29 Aug – Sun 10 Sep 2017 | 90 minutes sessions, 6 per day.

For two special weeks our venue was turned into a breathtaking digital forest, where nature and technology dramatically collide. Cutting edge London creative studio Marshmallow Laser Feast returned to TOMtech following their sell-out run of In The Eyes of the Animal as part of vrLAB ’16, filling our space with large-scale installations and unforgettable VR experiences.

Marshmallow Laser Feast are a London-based studio that creates artworks and experiences to immerse and amaze audiences in unexpected ways. Their multidisciplinary approach employs a wealth of creative disciplines from real-time CG & projection, to interactive performance, sculpture, installation and film. MLF’s creative process is about finding the place at which the emotional or human element of an artwork naturalises a high tech experience. Inspired by emerging technologies – digital and otherwise – their aim is to create experiences that push creative and technical boundaries.

The programme brought together three of MLF’s most innovative works which sat alongside a curated programme of VR and 360 experiences throughout the building.


Through a huge replica model of a giant sequoia tree and a Vive VR headset, Treehugger lets the viewer experience the scale and wonder of what is arguably one of the largest living individual organisms on earth. The longer you hug, the deeper you drift into a hidden world just beyond the limits of your senses. You discover the tree’s hidden inner structure: grooves in the bark become giant cliffs, pinecones feel like cathedrals.  Exploring further leads upwards to the glorious canopy. Look up to experience the wonder of complex energy flows reaching high into the uppermost branches.



In the Eyes of the Animal, a journey through the food chain, is an artistic interpretation of the sensory perspectives of four British species. This hit VR experience returns to TOM for a second year running. Once you have donned the special VR headsets and haptic backpack, this work takes you on a fascinating journey that allows you to fly through the forest and embody various animals as they traverse the Grizedale landscape.


This large, interactive, musical laser installation which will take up most of the main space in The Old Market, is composed of musical ‘trees’ made of steel rods and lasers which visitors can physically tap, shake, and pluck. Interacting with the trees causes them to swing and oscillate, creating vibrating patterns of light and sound. Each tree is tuned to a specific tone, creating harmonious sounds spatialised and played in surround sound.