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Opera is a popular web browser that has been available on the Windows, Mac and Linux platforms since 1995. The software gets its name from being able to open multiple tabs at once without losing focus on current page or opening new windows like other browsers do. However, it seems as if Opera was designed with some sort of bug in mind which causes the program to keep opening up more than one tab when you are browsing normally. This happens even after closing all your tabs down for good; each time you enter an address into your search bar, another window will automatically open up and seek out a different website based on what you were previously viewing before this incident occurred..

The “how to stop websites from opening new tabs” is a problem that has been present for a while. Opera has released a fix for the issue, which can be found below.


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Updated on November 18, 2021.

Originally published in February 2021.

  • Although Opera is a fantastic web browser, many users have complained that it continuously opening new tabs.
  • Because malware or harmful extensions might create this problem, we’ll teach you how to solve it in this post.
  • The best thing you can do is keep Opera up to date, delete any strange extensions, and scan for them.
  • If you wish to prevent Opera from launching new tabs, do a comprehensive malware check.



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Apart from Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft’s top dog, Edge, there’s Opera, which is the browser of choice for many people for a variety of reasons. Despite having a built-in VPN and AdBlocker, Opera, like all other browsers, suffers performance difficulties from time to time. One of them is unusual in that it involves opening two tabs every time you want to open one.

This isn’t a problem we can blame on Opera, and it’s almost certainly the result of malicious software, which is the most likely reason. It’s a browser hijacker, not a glitch or otherworldly powers. If you’re having trouble with the phantom two tabs, follow the procedures below.

How can I prevent Opera from opening two tabs at the same time?

  1. Opera should be updated.
  2. Check for malware.
  3. Examine the add-ons
  4. Reinstall Opera if necessary.

1. Opera should be updated.

The easiest approach to address any difficulties is to keep Opera up to current, particularly if it continues opening new tabs.

Opera may be updated directly from the app, or you can download the most recent version from the URL below.



By downloading and installing the most recent version of Opera, you can solve all of your problems.

2. Run a malware scan

  1. From the taskbar’s notification area, open Windows Defender.
  2. Choose between virus and threat prevention.Opera-keeps-opening-new-tabs-Full-Fix
  3. Choose Advanced Scan.1637255558_605_Opera-keeps-opening-new-tabs-Full-Fix
  4. Select the Windows Defender Offline Scan option.
  5. Now choose Scan.1637255558_572_Opera-keeps-opening-new-tabs-Full-Fix

Malicious extensions and browser hijackers, of course, grow far more durable over time. You may need to adjust your strategy if nothing can be done inside the browser itself.

They now produce a registry entry that spreads across the system and affects numerous browsers rather than just one.

Because of the worm-like nature of today’s browser hijackers, you’ll need to run a thorough scan and remove any risks.

To prevent virus infestations, you need now utilize anti-malware software. If Opera is randomly launching tabs, we suggest using a specific program to examine your system.

3. Review the add-ons

  1. Start Opera.
  2. In the upper left corner, choose Menu.
  3. Select Extensions from the Extensions menu.1637255559_446_Opera-keeps-opening-new-tabs-Full-Fix
  4. By clicking the X in the right corner, you may remove dubious extensions from the list.1637255560_787_Opera-keeps-opening-new-tabs-Full-Fix

To reset Opera’s settings, follow these steps:

  1. The Opera browser should be closed.
  2. To go to this site, use the following directions: C:Usersinsert your user name here AppDataRoamingOperaOpera
  3. Restart the browser after deleting the Operapref.ini file.

When they were first released, browser extensions quickly became an essential element of the surfing experience. Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and even Edge are all affected. However, this new add-on industry also opened the door to nefarious applications.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of browser hijackers out there, most of which originate from dubious third-party websites or bloatware-like apps.

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Once they’ve arrived, the aim shifts to forced advertising, therefore those malicious addons are most likely Adware. That forced bloating of your screen with all types of adverts may also result in the unintentional launching of many pop-up windows or tabs.

If Opera opens odd tabs on your PC, we recommend checking the Extensions and removing anything suspicious.

If it doesn’t work, try resetting Opera to its default settings and going from there.

Reinstall Opera if necessary.

  1. Type Control Panel into the Windows Search box and choose it from the list of results.
  2. Uninstall a software may be found under the Category view.
  3. Uninstall Opera by right-clicking it. 1637255560_323_Opera-keeps-opening-new-tabs-Full-Fix
  4. Your computer should be restarted.
  5. Here’s where you can get the most recent version of Opera.
  6. Run the installation program.

Finally, we recommend that you reinstall the Opera browser from scratch. Opera should no longer launch new tabs as a result of this.

Even if the multi tab problem is no longer an issue, this is still a good idea. Of course, you should first make a backup of your bookmarks and passwords.

We suggest using an uninstaller instead if you want to be sure the procedure proceeds well.

A professional uninstaller program will not only destroy your Opera browser, but will also do a full check to eliminate any leftover data.

This implies that if you use a specialized uninstaller, it will be as if Opera never existed, and you can be certain that your future installation will be clean.

That ought to enough. If you have any questions or suggestions about Opera opening two tabs for no apparent reason, please leave them in the comments area below.

If you run into the following problem, the remedies described above may help:

Opera opens copies of the same website in separate tabs – This occurs when Opera opens duplicates of the same page in different tabs.

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The “opera://settings” is a command-line tool that allows users to open the settings menu for Opera. The “opera://settings” can be used to close all of the tabs, which will keep them from opening again.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I stop Opera browser from opening new tabs automatically?

A: In order to stop Opera browser from opening new tabs automatically, you can set a proxy server on the browser. This will allow all requests for pages outside of your current tab to be redirected through that website.

When I click on a link it opens a new tab Opera?

A: I am not sure what you mean.

How do I stop Opera from saving tabs?

A: Please check out this article!

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