Make [Real] | Immersive Design Studio | TomTech

Make Real are an award-winning Brighton-based studio recognised as UK leaders of immersive content creation. Operating for over a decade across the main strands of training, learning/development and entertainment, Make Real brings simulation and AAA gaming industry veterans together, forming a highly experienced team simplifying complex technologies for everyday users.

Make [Real] and TOMtech began collaborating in 2016, launching vrLAB – Brighton Digital Festival’s leading event showcasing/hacking VR content.   Sam Watts, Head of Immersive at Make [Real] lead the relationship and have become a critical friend of TOM.  

Sam is actively engaged in the immersive technology community, living his passion for VR and games. Focused on delivery and deployment of Make Real products, he ensures that Make Real’s production teams are fully aligned with customer needs and that quality is assured.  In previous leadership roles, Sam has delivered and supported dozens of digital products at Zynga, NCsoft, Kerb and Epic. Clients have included BBC, Channel 4, EDF Energy, Sky and Sony PlayStation.

Sam’s commitment to the VR community means that he is an in-demand panelist and commentator on the emergence of VR. // @makerealVR