Curious Directive | Theatre Company | TomTech

curious directive is a multi-award winning British Theatre company led by director Jack Lowe. The company is an ensemble of theatre makers and scientists founded in the autumn of 2008 with a production called Return to the Silence.

Their productions are devised and written by members of the company, dealing with themes of science. The company uses many threads of theatre tools including cameras, projection, live music and movement. They are building a reputation for their multi-layered narratives spanning different times and spaces.

Recent productions have explored astro-biology, the NHS, myrmecology, cognitive neuroscience, light, architecture, genetics, motion and bio-politics.  Most recently, curious directive worked with TOMtech to develop and tour FROGMAN, the UK’s first VR theatre production.

The company explores life in all its diversity and complexity through the lens of science. // @c_directive