VRLab (2016) | TomTech
  1. vrLAB

In a first for a UK arts venue, we brought together mind-blowing immersive experiences from the worlds of arts, gaming, brands and journalism.

2016 is the year virtual reality makes its mark. Taking over the whole building, this is your chance to get hands on with the new generation of virtual reality content.  With over 20 different experiences, sell-out crowds joined us to be one of the first people to experience a world unlike no other.

Presented in partnership with leading VR developers, Make[Real] vrLAB ran 15-18 Sep.   Alongside the vrLAB, Make[Real] hosted a 24hr Hackathon inviting devs to use the yet-to-be-released Oculus Touch.


  • In the Eyes of the Animal (Marshmallow Laser Feast)

  • Radial-G (Tammeka)

  • How Can I Ease Your Mind Without Lying (CiRCA69)

  • 6X9 (The Guardian)

  • Whist (A Φ E Dance Collective)

  • The Cube (CiRCA 69)

  • Top Of The Crop – potato harvesting sim (Make[Real])

  • Reactor Builder – nuclear power station circuit construction (Make Real)

  • Private Eye – detective investigation (Jake Slack)

  • Gnosis – interpretive dance VR experience (Rob O’Tron)

  • Grow – puzzler where plants think they are machines (Tom Sandford)

  • The Assembly – story-driven mystery (nDreams)

  • RotoVR – 360º motion chair & VR experiences (RotoVR)

  • Ctrl – moving 360º film story with strong nature (Breaking Forth)

  • HTC Vive discovery experiences including Tilt Brush

vrLAB ran 15-18 Sep, as part of #TOMtech at the Brighton Digital Festival.