ProjectLAB (2016) | TomTech



A team of groundbreaking artists came together to investigate the ability of technology to connect and disconnect us – to enable us and also blind us.  

ProjectLAB ran for three days during Brighton Digital Festival 2016.  Working with the HTC Vive Virtual Reality system, the team formed a new language of how to integrate this technology in performance.

#TOMtech LABS invite artists to work with new technologies away from the pressures of their own production cycles.  The Lab model encourages fast exploration and collaborative working across the creative industries.

ProjectLAB artists:

Christopher Thomas Allen (The Light Surgeons) – Producer & Lead Creative

Christopher Thomas Allen is a media artist and filmmaker from London. He is founder, creative director and producer of media arts studio The Light Surgeons, which he established in 1995 after studying Media Design at Portsmouth University. His work crosses a diverse range of media and forms; from graphic design and photography, to producing and directing award winning experimental short films, animations, music videos and installation projects, as well as curating film screenings, exhibitions and pioneering the practice of live cinema through The Light Surgeons’ live audio visual performance projects.


Tommaso Lanza (The Workers) – Interaction Design & Creative Direction

Designer and co-founder of The Workers, a London based studio for playful experiences through digital technology. A humanist, industrial designer, and digital creative, Tommaso is passionate about the interplay of technology and people, building products, systems and inventing new delightful interactions. Prior to co-founding The Workers, Tommaso worked for clients worldwide as a product designer as well as developing advanced digital visualisation workflows. Tommaso has won awards for his work and collaborations, including Tate Britain IK Prize, Blueprint’s Best Show and INDEX, and presented internationally including at Siggraph and Design Indaba. Born in Rome, Italy, Tommaso has BA in Industrial Design and MA in Design Interactions from the Royal College of Art.


Ross Cairns (The Workers) – Interaction Design & Creative Direction

Designer and a creator of digital experiences. Serial collaborating co-founder of [The Workers]( – a London based Digital Design studio – and creative coder who works across mediums – interactive, web, installations, robots, events & VR. Ross has a love of using surprising technology in playful ways whilst producing huge feats with small teams. In 2014 he was part of the team who won Tate Britain’s IK Prize for digital creativity.


Annie-Lunnette Deakin-Foster (C12 Dance Theatre) – Choreographer

Annie-Lunnette Deakin-Foster is an exciting, enthusiastic and professional contemporary dance theatre Choreographer, Rehearsal Director and Movement Director. Since 2005, Annie-Lunnette has been working within the dance sector, by way of teaching, performing, choreographing, creating production concepts, as well as assisting well known choreographers in the field and establishing her own company. Having graduated from Middlesex University in 2005 where she received a Bachelor’s degree in Dance with Performing Arts, Annie went on to become a co-founder of award winning company, C-12 Dance Theatre, where she is currently Artistic Director.


Dave Meckin – Sound Designer

Dave Meckin is a musician, sound designer and researcher whose fascination is how new technologies can transform musical experiences. His work spans audio production and software system programming as well as hardware design and manufacture, all with an end to creating engaging and responsive sonic environments.

Being well versed in both creative and technical disciplines, Dave is equally at home using musical instruments and modern production techniques as he is with a soldering iron, code and computer aided design.