MoCapLAB (2017) | TomTech

Aug 2017:

How can you use real-time motion capture technology to re-imagine what’s possible on stage? Working in partnership with New Theatre Royal Portsmouth and The School of Creative Technologies at Portsmouth University, we are offering theatre companies some funded time to explore the tech and, hopefully, start to imagine what can be possible. Our ambition is to allow creative teams time to play and think big about what this technology can facilitate.

This is a space to explore emerging technology without the stress of production cycles – consider it more early stage R&D or proof of concept. What might this character need to be able to do? How could we animate non-humanoid characters or emotions on stage? How can we creatively explore the relationship between a live actor and one performing through avatar?

TOMtech LABS are designed to accelerate technical learning for theatre professionals. Each year, we bring together theatre makers and technologists in order to help sculpt the future of live performance.

The opportunity included a week residency at New Theatre Royal Portsmouth and at University of Portsmouth’s state of the art Motion Capture suite – including full technical support and £1000 expenses for each company.  Through an open application process we selected SPYMONKEY and LIMBIK THEATRE to benefit from the lab.