Cat&MouseHACK (2017) | TomTech

How can technology change how we experience live culture?  Here at The Old Market we support artists working with new tech to enhance the live experience.  One of the artists we work with, Paul Barritt, has new show – but there is a challenge to get the audience involved in the action.  So, lets hack it.

Fri 15 Sept 6pm Drinks: Meet the artists, form teams
  8pm Cat & Mouse: Live Show
Sat 16 Sept 10am-5pm Hack day
  5pm-6pm Presentations & judging panel


CAT & MOUSE | Paul Barritt

Village Underground and Paul Barritt of the 1927 theatre company, are proud to announce the world premiere of Cat and Mouse, an immersive theatre experience and our first foray into producing theatre in-house.

An animation adventure featuring live music, crazy cartoons, high octane action, fun and frolics, extreme violence, sadomasochism, moments of edification, “the face machine”, skeletons, dogs, dancing, and more!

Cat and Mouse sets up a familiar dichotomy and proceeds to navigate extremes of human idiocy from art to war, from technology to industry, from civilisation to love all rendered through the shenanigans of a rodent, a feline and the dogs of law. But who is really to blame in this anthropomorphic chaos, Mr Mouse or Mr Cat? Don’t forget that a good Cat is not a good Cat if he has no bad Mouse against which to be compared…

Inspired by George Harriman’s hugely influential Krazy Kat cartoon strip (1913-1944), Cat and Mouse is a feature-length, surreal and satirical animation created by Paul Barritt. The composer for the production is Laurence Owen with Siemy Di on drums and percussion and Sam Sallon on keys – together they are The Officer Pup Band. Lesley Ewen provides dramatic narration and Octavia Austin has designed the costumes.

The show is essentially a live band scoring short “Cat and Mouse” animations. These animations are interspersed with theatrical readings of poetic narratives. The whole thing culminates in a judgement. It should be noted that the Mouse is the evil one and the Cat is the good one. However both are implicit in the issues that are satirised throughout the show and the judgment results in there being no condemnation of either but a setting free . . . this setting free could also be read as an understanding of both tendencies and thus finding a way in which to control and utilise these tendencies in a constructive manner.

Learn more about the amazing work of 1927 here.

Why run a Lab at TOMtech?

“What I’d really like is a way in which the audience really get involved with he decision more, a way in which they really think about what it is they are deciding upon.

The opportunity here is completely open. The show itself could exist in all kinds of ways. The episodic nature of it means it could easily be split apart . . . it could exist within the internet for example as an alternate interactive show, this is something I’ve really thought about. This could in someway combine with the live show.

There really is a million ways you could present this content.  What about a VR experience? A computer game? A forum in which the ideas in the show can be discussed? Some kind of digital Symposium? The opening up of philosophical debate?”


We invited technologists, digital artists and other interested parties to help us change the show with technological innovation.  We will provide lunch, tea & coffee and beers.  We also allocated £1,000 towards developing the product towards the next stage.