Our Lab programme brings together artists and technologists to investigate how emerging technology can improve the way we tell stories.  Working outside the pressure of standard production cycles, the labs are a workshop space for creatives to explore new tech hands on.  Our engagement is often short-term, acting as a catalyst for new ideas or skills that go on to be developed elsewhere.  Click the links below to find out more.  New labs and opportunities to take part are posted here, and on our blogroll.

Cat&MouseHACK (2017)

How can technology change how we experience live culture?  Here at The Old Market we support artists working with new tech to enhance the live experience.  One of the artists we work with, Paul Barritt, has new show – but there is a challenge to get the audience involved in the action.  So, lets hack it.

vrLAB (2017)

vrLAB 2017 in association with Make[Real]. After a sell out run in 2016, vrLAB returns to take you from the depths of the oceans to intergalactic space and every conceivable world in-between.

MoCapLAB (2017)

Aug 2017: How can you use real-time motion capture technology to re-imagine what's possible on stage? Working in partnership with New Theatre Royal Portsmouth and The School of Creative Technologies at Portsmouth University, we are offering theatre companies some...

Storyhack 2016: Theatre meets virtual reality at The Old Market

The Old Market’s #TOMtech series launched this week with Monday’s StoryHack conference, which succeeded in that rare feat of bringing a world class line-up to a truly collaborative space and format. The event was hosted with an incredibly light touch – moving through talks, revolving panel chairs and finally separating the audience into working groups to do what they were there for – to ‘hack the story’.

Lab360 (2016)

LAB360 The rise of immersive technologies has the potential to revolutionise the way in which we engage in stories offering audiences a world in which they take centre stage

VRLab (2016)

2016 is the year virtual reality makes its mark. Taking over the whole building, this is your chance to get hands on with the new generation of virtual reality content.

ProjectLAB (2016)

A team of groundbreaking artists came together to investigate the ability of technology to connect and disconnect us – to enable us and also blind us.

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