THE TIMES: Like 3D? VR will blow your mind | TomTech

“If you want to discover examples of next generation VR filmmaking then a good port of call is Brighton Digital Festival. Here filmmakers share ideas and concepts. It’s one of the laboratories where the rules of VR filmmaking are being thrashed out.
Simon Wilkinson of Circa69 is involved with Brighton Digital Festival. He’s been on a 14-nation tour with his VR installations and says there’s no rule book for VR. “We have a potential punk moment on our hands,” he says.
“One of my first tour dates this year was in Yerevan, Armenia. The venue there provided three assistants to help run the show and, as it turned out, they were all 15-year-old girls, who could not only code extremely proficiently in multiple languages, but also knew how to use games engines, and had already begun producing their own virtual and mixed reality content.”
We have the headsets for VR. We have the computing power. All we need now is content to match. When there are no rules and no precedents to turn to, who is to say the breakthroughs won’t come from a 15 year old in Armenia?”