Immerse yourself in digital nature at The Old Market – BN1 Magazine | TomTech

BN1 Magazine‘s Stuart Rolt says “now is the time to enjoy all the magic technology can bring … “
“Kicking off (The Old Market/TomTech’s) 2017 season is Habitats, a new digital exhibition by Marshmallow Laser Feast – who get away with a name that ostentatious by creating some the world’s most innovative digital art.”
Habitats brings together three of the company’s latest works – using the latest technology to let you see the world anew. Immerse yourself in an interactive, musical, laser forest where you can tap, shake or pluck to creative vibrating patterns of light and sound; stick your head into a replica of a giant Sequoia tree to see how one of the world’s largest individual organisms lives and breathes, and journey through the food chain of a UK woodland, seeing the environment as seen by animals small and large.
“Alongside the main exhibition, you can explore the natural world in a series of curated virtual reality experiences around the building – from the majesty of diving with a blue whale to climbing the summit of Everest.
“Running alongside Habitats is the UK’s first theatre show experienced with a headset on. Frogman is an eco-thriller following the story of three young girls living by the Great Barrier Reef (think Stranger Things meets Planet Earth). The company behind it, curious directive, developed the initial ideas as part of a residency at #TOMtech last year. “We are extremely excited to have Frogman launch its UK tour here after working with them on technical development of the show. We think this will be a game-changer for what theatre could be like in the future.”